Boost workplace efficiency with Adobe's new Acrobat AI Assistant, transforming document workflows with AI-powered insights and secure data management.

Go Beyond Creation with the New Acrobat AI Assistant

Adobe announces Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise customers. Acrobat AI Assistant features are now available through an add-on subscription to all Reader and Acrobat enterprise and individual customers across desktop, web, and mobile.

Deeply integrated into Acrobat workflows, Acrobat AI Assistant is a generative AI-powered conversational engine that can be easily deployed in minutes. It instantly unlocks new levels of document productivity for every knowledge worker across the enterprise. With Acrobat AI Assistant, employees can generate high-quality insights, verify with intelligent citations, and quickly create emails, reports, presentations, and more from the information in their documents.

Data security protocols govern the features, and no customer document content is used to train the LLM Acrobat AI Assistant leverages.

Generative AI for All

Acrobat’s new generative AI capabilities are already helping millions of users work faster and smarter with their documents. Features include:

AI Assistant: Chat with PDFs and other documents, including Word, PowerPoint, and more. Acrobat AI Assistant recommends questions and provides answers based on a document’s content through an intuitive, conversational interface.
Generative Summary: Understand the content inside long documents with short overviews in easy-to-read formats.
Intelligent Citations: Adobe’s custom attribution engine and proprietary AI generate citations so employees can easily verify the source of AI Assistant’s answers.
Easy Navigation: Clickable links help employees quickly locate the information they need in long documents, allowing them to focus on exploring and acting on the most essential information.
Compelling Content: Consolidate and format information into top takeaways and text for emails, presentations, blogs, reports, and more. A Copy button makes creating and sharing compelling business content with colleagues and stakeholders quick and simple.

With Acrobat AI Assistant, knowledge workers across every role, department, and industry can spend less time searching for information and more time on high-value work. For example:

  • Marketing and communications teams can generate story ideas based on industry reports or condense lengthy white papers into blogs or social media content in seconds.
  • Sales teams can slash the time it takes to respond to RFPs and instead focus on closing larger deals faster and nurturing customer relationships.
  • Legal and compliance teams can quickly summarise and communicate how pending regulations may impact their business to help formulate the next steps.
  • HR teams can navigate internal policy and handbook documents to identify areas that need updating.
  • Investor relations teams can analyse financial statements and instantly summarise highlights for stakeholders.
  • R&D teams can keep up with industry trends to inform product roadmaps and innovation.

About Adobe

Adobe is a global leader in digital media and digital marketing solutions, known for transforming the world through innovative digital experiences. Adobe's comprehensive suite of products, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Experience Cloud, empower individuals and businesses to create, manage, and deliver exceptional digital content.

Adobe Acrobat, a cornerstone of Adobe's Document Cloud, has been the trusted standard for creating, editing, and sharing PDF documents for over three decades. With its powerful tools and cutting-edge features, Adobe Acrobat continues to set the benchmark for document management, helping organisations worldwide enhance productivity and collaboration.

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