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Google Warns to Update Chrome to Avoid Hacks | LPI

Chrome’s 2.6 billion users again need to be on high alert (for the second time in a week), because Google has confirmed multiple new High-level hacks of the browser.

Coming just days after Chrome’s 12th and 13th ‘zero day’ exploits of the year were discovered, Google has published a new blog post revealing four ‘High’ rated vulnerabilities have been confirmed. And users need to take immediate action. 

As is standard practice, Google is currently restricting information about these hacks to buy time for Chrome users to upgrade.

Google has released a critical update. The company does warn Chrome users that the rollout will be staggered, so not everyone will be able to protect themselves immediately. To check if you are protected navigate to Settings > Help > About Google Chrome. If your Chrome version is 94.0.4606.81 or higher, you are safe. If the update is not yet available for your browser, make sure you check regularly for the new version. 

 Google Version

When you have updated, remember the crucial final step: Chrome is not safe until it is restarted. Which makes this a two-way process. Google can fast track fixes for Chrome hacks, but unless users restart their browsers after updating they will not be protected. This false sense of security is something hackers count on. Go check your browser now.


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