Immediation and the Mediation Institute to make dispute resolution more accessible

Immediation and Mediation Inst. Form ADR Partnership

Immediation (by ADR Technology), a leading provider of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) technology, and the Mediation Institute, a leading provider of dispute resolution training and professional support for dispute resolution practitioners, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionising the field of non-adversarial dispute resolution.

This partnership brings together two industry leaders with a shared vision of making dispute resolution more accessible, efficient, and effective. By combining Immediation’s cutting-edge technology with the Mediation Institute’s expertise in dispute resolution, this partnership promises to deliver unprecedented value to professionals in the field.

“As part of our strategic focus on ADR, at all levels, we look forward to providing the best-in-class tools to students and graduates as well as seasoned industry professionals,” said Mike Schuman, CEO at ADR Technology. “By partnering with the Mediation Institute, we’re taking a significant step towards making this strategy tangible.”

The partnership will leverage Immediation’s technology to provide dispute resolution professionals with the tools to start or scale their businesses effectively. With jurisdictions worldwide now requiring mediation before litigation, the role of the mediator has become increasingly important. This partnership will empower mediators to meet this growing demand.

“We’re excited to partner with Immediation and look forward to the positive impact this will have for our members and their clients,” said Joanne Law, Director of Mediation Institute. “Mediation Institute has always embraced technology, and we are confident this partnership will equip our members to benefit from the rapid pace of change in legal tech and make a real difference for dispute resolution throughout Australia and beyond.”

About Mediation Institute

The Mediation Institute was established in 2013 to make dispute resolution training more accessible and flexible without compromising on quality. This commitment to non-adversarial dispute resolution has ensured that hundreds of students have acquired the necessary skills to become accredited mediators, family group conference facilitators, and family dispute resolution practitioners and then enjoy ongoing support to continue their professional development. The strategic partnership with Immediation promises to support greater visibility and business support for their panels of practitioners.

About Immediation

Immediation is a secure, confidential alternative dispute resolution, end-to-end case management platform that provides cutting-edge virtual automation capabilities to mediators, arbitration firms, courts, tribunals, government, and law firms. Immediation enables clients to provide a cost-effective, amicable, and efficient dispute-resolution method. Immediation supports efficiency for dispute resolution practitioners without compromising the effectiveness of their services.

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