InfoTrack SettleIT 2021 ABA Winners

InfoTrack and SettleIT Win 3 Prestigious ABA Awards

With a large majority of lawyers and conveyancers now needing to complete electronic settlements, an award-winning solution, SettleIT, is the answer to efficient conveyancing matters.

Today, SettleIT, powered by InfoTrack, has won two Australian Business Awards for Digital Innovation and Service Excellence, highlighting the legal and conveyancing industry’s willingness to embrace support in navigating e-settlements.

The Australian Business Awards recognise world-class business initiatives, projects, products and services. The award recipients are the elite of their industry earning a place amongst a distinguished group.

Being powered by InfoTrack, the leading innovator of legal technology, SettleIT allows practitioners to outsource lodgements and e-settlements to offer e-conveyancing services to their own clients without undertaking any administrative burden, thereby reducing operational costs and developing additional profits. SettleIT can be used to increase a firm’s capacity to handle more volume without needing to increase the headcount. 

SettleIT’s General Manager Daniel Petrucci said “We’re excited to be recognised for our innovation and excellent service. When I speak with clients, I have always offered them the opportunity to grow their firm by outsourcing their settlements. Many often jump at the opportunity because it frees them up to focus on other areas of law.”

“The award comes at a good time,” Petrucci continued, “Soon, NSW will transition to 100% e-conveyancing, following in the footsteps of many other states across Australia and we’re here to support the profession with these changes.”

Over the years, InfoTrack has repeatedly been the proud recipient of the Australian Business Award for Service Excellence highlighting their strong commitment to a client-first approach. This year, showcasing SettleIT’s automation functionality, allowed InfoTrack to shed light on the settlement landscape across Australia and the needs of lawyers and conveyancers when it comes to e-conveyancing support.

InfoTrack’s CEO, John Ahern said of the win, “This reflects one of our key values of caring about our clients. It’s our role to support them through the changing legal landscape.”

InfoTrack has also won the Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice for the fifth year running. This further strengthens InfoTrack as a great workplace after being ranked 6th Great Place to Work in Australia for 2021, earlier this year.

These three awards reflect InfoTrack’s position as Australia’s leading legal tech innovator. Ahern continued, “We are excited to be awarded these honours and we promise to keep building smart technology that makes our client’s lives more productive and efficient.”