Josef and InfoTrack Partner to Empower Property Sellers

Josef and InfoTrack Partner to Empower Property Sellers

Josef, a Melbourne-based legal automation company, has partnered with global e-conveyancing provider InfoTrack to automate property sales, with their sights first set on conveyancing documents. 

Vendors Advocate Sandi Barry-Mueller of Trusted Property says: “Currently, the solicitor or the conveyancer sends out a questionnaire to the vendor filled with jargon that an everyday seller may not understand. As a Vendors’ Advocate, I’m forever explaining things or chasing down answers or looking for documents. It slows things down and mucks things up. The process isn’t fantastic – it just evolved that way. Real estate is all about timing, therefore paperwork needs to be a priority.” 

The solution applies Josef’s user-friendly technology to client interviews, allowing the client to answer guided questions about the sale of their property wherever and whenever they find the time. Behind the scenes, an integration automatically drafts the necessary conveyancing documents using the client’s information and collates the relevant data and documents, saving everyone from a time-consuming and laborious task. 

Barry-Mueller says: “A tool like this could be incredibly helpful. People will do things faster, the sale has more chance of happening faster, and the information will all come together more easily. Automation makes a lot of sense!” 

Josef & InfoTrack Partner

Josef CEO Tom Dreyfus says: “Josef’s partnership with InfoTrack offers an innovative and streamlined solution for people selling their property, and their lawyers and conveyancers. We’re combining Josef’s best-in-class user experience with InfoTrack’s market-leading e-conveyancing services to provide a better experience for everyone involved," said Josef CEO Tom Dreyfus. 

"We’re thrilled to see Josef’s automation technology used as the infrastructure for delivering InfoTrack's products in a new way and our initial focus on the sale of property is just the beginning! This is transformative for vendors, saving them time, pain and confusion in the sales process. We also see the potential for this partnership to further embed legal automation at the centre of a lawyer’s workday, making legal services more accessible to everyone.” 

John Ahern, the Global Head of Property for InfoTrack, detailed further on the announcement, “We are excited to partner with Josef and offer our clients access to their innovative automation software. At InfoTrack, we pride ourselves on developing solutions that enhance and simplify the workflow of busy professionals. This partnership with Josef is a continuation of our core purpose and will assist in elevating the InfoTrack user experience whilst promoting productivity and efficiency.” 

For InfoTrack clients, this integration passes data and documentation to their chosen Practice Management System. This automation can be used for an array of legal tasks in the conveyancing space, including lawyer-client interactions, sending emails, generating legal documents, and providing legal guidance and advice. 

Find out more about this partnership with Josef and the various innovations that InfoTrack offers.

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