Law Firm Blockchain Tech & Innovation | Michael Bacina

Law Firm Blockchain Tech & Innovation | Michael Bacina

Review the latest interview with Michael Bacina, Partner of Piper Alderman, Board Member of Blockchain Australia and Company Secretary of the Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce to gain incredible insights of how blockchain technology has changed the business landscape.

Michael shares his favourite project using NFT at the Australian Open earlier this year, followed by how major companies such as Penfolds are also leveraging NFT technology. They talk about the possibilities that blockchain technology brings to consumers and businesses, especially as the Reserve Bank Governor shares the prediction of digital currency being issued at the commercial level in the future.

Michael expresses his excitement about the beginning phase of blockchain technology, emphasising it to become a high-growth area, requiring a great range of services from M&A, employment, tax issues, financial services and regulations. He reveals how law firms should prepare for the opportunities regarding the upcoming blockchain technology and further shares his perspective on the client's expectations, how blockchain and crypto will impact the way law firms operate and what legal technology vendors should be thinking about in their roadmap.

Watch the video to discover more about where Michael thinks blockchain technology is heading in the next 12 months.

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