Law Firms LEAP with Success

Law Firms LEAP with Success Around the Globe

Placing reliance on the changing trends, the advent of technology and proficient amount of research put in to cater to all the needs of Law Firms and their clients, LEAP Legal Software has created software that has proven beneficial in all accords. Undoubtedly LEAP has proven to be effectively beneficial in the optimization of firms. It is all attributable to the efficiency of LEAP that omnipresent management of clients has become practically possible, moreover, the finances can be easily settled in one place and everything has become accessible for personnel to work remotely while eliminating the need for micromanagement practices as visibility of matters and progress are easily tracked in the system, empowering the firms to run smoothly.

Andrew Johnson – Founder and Managing Partner of AJ and Co Lawyers, Australia shares his experience of using LEAP’s Legal software and how it has played a pivotal role in the firm's transition to a highly transactional practice by enabling the firm to operate remotely, administer effective financial management and eliminating the need of micromanaging staff.

LEAP has proved to be a boon for legal professionals across different jurisdictions of the world, thereby establishing a positive industry image. Andrew Boog, Principal at Austen Brown Boog Solicitors, Australia describes how adopting LEAP as their practice management software has provided them with a one-stop solution for their finances to documents. Moreover, he credits LEAP for its easy-to-use interface which has allowed to achieve the firm’s predetermined organizational objective without much of a hassle.

Michael Canarick of Canarick and Canarick, United States explains the effectiveness of LEAP by explaining the way it has enabled his firm to increase its revenue by 50 per cent, thereby significantly contributing to the growth by being an ultimate organizer and multipurpose tool, bringing all the needs of the firm such as time tracking, billing, drafting, emailing etc. under one umbrella.

Emad Lawandi and David Rosciszewski from Damian Lawandi LLP, United States share the transition by LEAP’s legal software, which is user-friendly, saves time, has billing accuracy and automation of documents etc. Their claim supports that it has enabled Damian Lawandi LLP to increase profitability and clientele. Now LEAP has become an indispensable part of their Firm.

With a focus on providing solutions to the problems faced, LEAP has eased out the whole financial aspect, provide service to the clients when the lawyers are away and most importantly it has enabled the ability to adopt flexible work practices and the ability to work remotely as it fully integrates everything within one framework and provides all-pervasive, optimized accessibility.

Justin Wachs of Wachs Canonical Services and Advocacy LLP, United States manifest how LEAP as a software simplifies every bit of intricate things in one’s legal practice in one place. He claims that it has helped in eliminating the time taken for invoicing, time management, document management and the added advantage of the mobile app support has proven to be really propitious. The customer service provided by LEAP is par excellence as all assistance is provided along the way.

Many established Law Firms are now sharing their positive heterogeneous experiences and claim that credit for overall organizational success and transitioning to highly transactional practice goes to LEAP. Reza Nezam, Partner, RNL Solicitors, UK and Ireland affirms that by switching to LEAP as a case management system the firm saw a significant rise in business as work could be done in an efficient and easier manner. It’s easy to use, and accessible from anywhere and the bundle of features it has are tailored to every professional’s need.

Faisal Khan, FSK Solicitors, UK and Ireland proudly shares how LEAP has optimized their firm in a seamless transition from a paper to digital practice. The extensive built-in support for providing precedence, documents & forms, methodical file management and the training provided to make the best use of the software paved way for the smooth and structured working of the firm which ultimately led to growth in all aspects.

Law firms who have embraced LEAP’s technology remain a step ahead, running productive and profitable practices while benefiting from LEAP's commitment to innovation.

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