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Law Firms to SeeUnity with DMS and Opus 2 Integrations

Opus 2, a leader in cloud-based solutions for the legal sector, announces a partnership with SeeUnity - An Anaqua Company, a leading provider of API-based content integration and migration solutions for on-premise and cloud-based Enterprise Content Management applications.

The partnership provides document management system (DMS) integrations for all Opus 2 solutions, such as Opus 2 Case Management, Opus 2 Case Preparation and Opus 2 Investigations. 

Commenting on the SeeUnity partnership and new DMS integrations, Oliver McClintock, Chief Commercial Officer, at Opus 2, said:

“Our clients rely on us to eliminate barriers and manual processes, so they can focus on the substantive issues in their matters and add more value to their clients. The SeeUnity partnership enables us to deliver a flexible and scalable DMS integration, which is another key milestone in delivering that vision.”

Opus 2 users can securely move data between their Opus 2 matters and iManage or NetDocuments (among others) via a secure API provided by SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization™ (Echo) product. Echo is a robust content and records sync engine that enables organisations to securely connect via API and move data between applications. The integration allows case teams to save time and collaborate more effectively by removing the need to switch between different systems. For example, litigation teams can quickly and securely move documents and work product between their DMS and any Opus 2 solution.

“Especially in today’s remote working culture, secure DMS connectivity is crucial for truly efficient workflow and data governance,” commented Dan Anderson, Vice President and General Manager at SeeUnity – An Anaqua Company. “By taking advantage of integration technology, Opus 2 users will immediately benefit with improved productivity and enhanced collaboration.”

About Opus 2

Opus 2 provides game-changing, cloud-based legal technology and services that enable law firms to build the connected digital practices of tomorrow, today. Powered by Opus 2, law firms worldwide are delivering innovative, solution-based services that bring their teams, clients and third parties together in a single connected space, so lawyers can focus on what matters most – creating value, differentiation, and deeper client engagement.

About SeeUnity - An Anaqua Company

SeeUnity has led the way in providing API-based enterprise content integration and migration solutions for legal tech and beyond since its launch in 2004. Now with more than 36 connectors, SeeUnity supports most DMS, CRM, collaboration, file sharing, legal matter management, IPM, financial, and HR systems. They’ve helped over 500 global customers, and 30 partners streamline processes, enable secure collaboration, maintain data governance, and move from legacy systems to modern ones.

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