LawConnect App: Share Documents Easily with Clients

LawConnect App: Share Documents Easily with Clients

The recently launched mobile application from LawConnect is making it easier for lawyers to share and collaborate on documents with their clients.

LawConnect, the legal profession’s secure document sharing platform integrates exclusively with LEAP’s cloud-based practice management software to enable lawyers to securely share documents with their clients. With the recent debut of the platform’s mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices, law firm clients can now view their documents, sign costs agreements, pay their invoices and more from the palm of their hand. 

Removing the requirement to use a laptop or desktop computer to view or sign documents and even pay invoices, the highly anticipated mobile app gives lawyers the ability to offer their clients unparalleled convenience. This convenience is proving to offer an advantage to many Australian firms in a hyper-competitive market. 

How does it work?

The LawConnect Mobile App offers a secure environment for lawyers and their clients to collaborate, replacing the need for back and forth emails. Once the app has been downloaded, clients simply need to log in to access documents shared with them by their lawyer. The app conveniently organises documents under five key menu options: documents, signature requests, collaboration, billing, and trust. 

  • Documents: Here, clients can view documents shared with them by their lawyer. Once a client has selected a document, they can then tap through to view the document’s history, including any updates to or comments made on the document.
  • Signature Requests: Clients can view any pending signature requests and sign documents directly from the app.
  • Collaboration: This option will bring clients to any collaboration folders within a matter. The folders contain documents on which a client is collaborating on with their lawyer. Here, clients have the ability to upload documents directly from their device.
  • Billing: Invoices are readily accessible, with the balance due and due date clearly visible. Clients also have the ability to click through to pay their invoice on the spot using RapidPay.
  • Trust: Clients have access to all of their trust account details with a simple tap, including trust balance, deposits, and withdrawals.

A competitive edge for your firm?

With the professional services market more competitive than ever before, being able to add value (without added cost) to the services offered to clients has never been more important. Providing convenient options to view and sign documents as well as pay invoices can be an easy way to achieve this. The LawConnect Mobile App provides lawyers and their clients with some key benefits:

  • 24/7 access to documents - clients can view their documents at any time without the need to request a copy by email or phone.
  • Security - All legal documents on the LawConnect Mobile App are stored on secure servers hosted by Amazon Web Services, one of the world’s most secure data storage providers.
  • Faster collaboration - Clients can upload documents directly from the app, making it faster and easier for clients to collaborate with you.
  • Obtain client signatures without delay - The app’s signature feature simplifies and speeds up the process for you and your clients, with clients able to sign documents from anywhere. This also removes the need to physically print, sign, scan and file signed documents.
  • Easy payment options - Invoices shared via LawConnect give clients a secure and convenient way to pay their invoices on the spot using RapidPay. 

The LawConnect Mobile App provides a faster, more secure service for your clients while simultaneously increasing your firm’s efficiency. With the ability to provide superior client service at no extra cost, the LawConnect Mobile App is a game-changer for firms in a hyper-competitive market. 

The LawConnect Mobile App is free for LEAP users and clients.

Click here to learn more about the LawConnect Mobile App. 

Download the app for iOS or Android

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