LawConnect LEAP Sydney Hobart Race

LawConnect LEAP Into Prevailing Downwinds

Exciting times for LawConnect and LEAP with the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race rapidly approaching!!

LawConnect, has an extensive law firm directory with the recent addition of an expansive list of LEAP law firms, to further drive new client traffic to connect with trusted advisors.

Law firms have the ability to feature the following information on the directory:

  • Lawyers’ profiles
  • Firm profiles
  • Expertise
  • Testimonials
  • Star Ratings
  • Links directly to the firm's website
  • The ability to (optionally) make appointment bookings for prospects and clients.

LawConnect is included with LEAP software (at no extra charge) and has also been used to share more than 3,000,000 documents with clients. Refer to the previous article regarding the LawConnect mobile app.

Back to the race ...

Among the experienced crew of the formerly InfoTrack named boat, is a handful of very lucky LEAP/LawConnect personnel, as seen below in blue crew gear.

LawConnect LEAP team

Rachel Williams, Selma Raso, Simon Jack, Gavin Smith & Sebastian Figg

With the new improved, Australian made bowsprit, Christian Beck, Owner & Skipper of the Super Maxi has upped the ante for line honours. (refer commentary below)

Good luck to the LawConnect crew and thanks to the LEAP marketing team and Louise Nealon for a very enjoyable (work meeting) last night!

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