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LawVu Raises $11.9M in Funding | LPI

LawVu raises $11.7M USDThis morning I woke up to an article on TechCrunch that LawVu a NZD based business had raised $11.9M USD which will be used to further expand operations and acquire key talent around the world.

This is not a story about the deal which has already been covered but more about my personal experience in meeting these guys earlier in the journey and how a vision, passion and hard work shone through.

It was the middle of 2018 and over red wine and pizza at the old Legal tech meeting place in Sydney, the Westin...I met Sam and Tim. As a perpetual legal tech start upper, you know the sacrifice it takes to move forward and scrap to get every win. I was impressed with how determined Sam and Tim were to make corporate legal departments have the platform and tools that they needed and be taken out of the corner (sorry a Dirty Dancing reference). For other APAC based legal tech start ups this does provide some hope and also increasing interest from the investment community in this sector.

Well done to Sam, Tim and the team at LawVu and here is to your success.

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