Lawyers Briefed and LEAP to BundlePro

Lawyers Briefed and LEAP to BundlePro

Fileman the creators of BundlePro recently released version 3.0 with the new and exclusive LEAP integration that empowers LEAP clients to create electronic court books in an efficient and time-saving manner.

BundlePro 3.0 offers next-generation bundling, offering functional advantages to assist with law firms’ workflows.  This latest edition of the BundlePro software provides lawyers with new capabilities to manage document bundles and presents a multitude of options and functions to concatenate legal documents productively and precisely as needed.

New time-saving features included within version 3.0 are as follows:

Improved Document Ingestion Process, including OCR on Import

BundlePro 3.0 performs significantly more work on the document at ingestion, including Portable Document Format (PDF) Conversion, Optimisation, Thumbnailing, Document and Hidden Text Extraction (Optical Character Recognition - OCR), Web-Ready Media Conversion, and more.

  • All information is indexed on document ingestion.
  • All useable information is extracted and located, including from formats
    and attachments such as PDFs, Word documents, emails, ZIP files, Calendar items, etc.

Sharing Portal: The Sharing Portal empowers professionals to share bundles externally with barristers or the opposing counsel if desired. Allowing the other party to review and comment on document text, annotations, hyperlinks, and redactions in real time.  The collaboration functionality supports a “comment and reply” feature for markup items.

Collaboration tools (annotations, redactions, tagging, and commentary):

Annotations: Professionals can mark up text and provide commentary that can be shared with others or kept private. Options include highlighting, commenting, tagging, and date assigning. When annotations are created, changed, or deleted, all the information about the annotation is re-indexed within the search.

Redactions: Legal professionals can redact and remove sensitive information within documents. With redaction, BundlePro supports and encourages a two-step process, which facilitates review and provides firms with the ability to apply redactions (user and tag-based) when the bundle is generated without affecting the source documents. When information is permanently redacted it is removed from the index and search.

Legal Tagging: Firms can create and customise “tags” to mark important and relevant information under the appropriate headings for quick review, collaboration, and case building.


Firms can now electronically link separate documents and pages together as well as links to external online resources. This feature makes traversing and navigating the bundles easy whenever a reference is used. Examples of how this feature will help in practice include:

  • Hyperlinks to online legislation or case law in authoritative and legal publishing websites
  • Hyperlink annexure(s) to affidavit references, irrespective of where the annexure document ends up in the bundle or volume

Compatibility with existing PDFs

BundlePro 3.0 supports and extracts all the collaboration markups in existing PDFs, including highlight, strikethrough, free-form draw, inserted text, underline, text box, replace text, redactions, insert text at the cursor, hyperlinks, dynamic stamp, and sticky notes.  

Larger Bundles 

This update provides major performance enhancements around large bundles. BundlePro 3.0 can now support tens of thousands of documents in a single bundle.

Improved Bundle Generation Options

The bundle generation tool gives users full flexibility with what is included in the generated bundle output. Lawyers can customise the annotations you show on your generated bundle by author and/or the tags associated with the annotation comment.

Advanced Search: 

BundlePro’s new Advanced Search feature allows legal workers to search the metadata, annotations, and tags and/or perform complex queries against their documents. The following search options are now supported: 

  • Logical operators (AND, OR, and NOT); and
  • Both page and document level search, as well as word and phrase searching.
  • The new GPS coordinate search locates the longitude and latitude of a picture and shows on a map where the picture was taken.

BundlePro 3.0 is more than just a litigation tool. Fileman’s clients are using the solution to create smart electronic bundles for a diverse range of matters, briefs, affidavits, personal injury claims, immigration packs, probate bundles, property development packs and more. 

BundlePro 3.0 is an affordable way to comb through documents before a case and securely share your bundle externally with your counsel, client or even the other side’s solicitor.

With the exclusive integration with LEAP, BundlePro provides law firms with an attractive productivity and cost recovery solution that is super effective and will lower operational costs.

Access the BundlePro app on the LEAP Marketplace.
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