Lawyers Meetings Done Right with MinuteMe

Lawyers are meeting all the time - internally with their teams to discuss the operations of their firms and meeting about their client matters, and externally with clients, other sides, legal counsel and on committees and boards. Across these meetings, they are very likely meeting with people who don't have access to their practice management system - and indeed, on most occasions, the notes and actions from internal firm operations meetings would not be stored in the practice management system.

Legal practice management software usually has independent features for calendars, documents, tasks and memos but doesn't typically provide an interface that pulls all of these together to help firms run more efficient meetings.

For meetings to be most effective, it is optimal to have a pre-planned, pre-distributed agenda and, in most situations, have actions that come from them. Enter MinuteMe, a cloud-based platform that provides a purpose-built capability for managing all these internal-facing and external-facing meetings.

Committed to evolving the way meetings are conducted, MinuteMe makes meetings more efficient by setting clear purpose and accountability for each meeting. With features such as agenda creation, note-taking, distribution of post-meeting notes, setting of recurring meetings and allocation of roles and responsibilities for agenda and action items, MinuteMe allows customers to access a single source of truth so all members of a meeting have access to the same information and meetings are held efficiently.

Internal meetings

Features such as recurring agenda topics for regular weekly/quarterly meetings as well as the ability to review action items from past meetings and search through meeting history. Additionally, the ability to save a Memo to the practice management software if discussing a matter as part of an internal meeting.

Client meetings

MinuteMe integrates with legal practice management software to store a professional-looking Agenda and Minutes PDF file against a client matter and to create Action Items as tasks against a matter. Meanwhile, keeping details of the agenda, any documents that were specifically discussed in that meeting and any follow-up actions captured in MinuteMe.

By using MinuteMe for internal and external meetings, staff, clients, and external stakeholders can go to a single place to see and contribute to meeting agendas and be accountable for their meeting actions.

MinuteMe currently works on a freemium model, allowing a basic plan for free, and a plus plan for users as meeting needs grow. MinuteMe is also mobile-friendly and makes it easy for users to add agenda items, update actions, and complete pre-read on the go on mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

The product integrates with Google and Microsoft 365 calendar and task applications, enabling users to easily set up and use the product within just 90 seconds.

Simon Steele, CEO and Co-founder of MinuteMe said, “MinuteMe was born with the intention of solving the struggles and extra time spent on administrative tasks both before and after a meeting. Many times, we have gone into meetings not knowing the agenda and the follow-up actions, and sometimes, we have sat through meetings that could have been summarised into a simple email update. MinuteMe aims to address these issues, providing users with a clear overview of the meeting agenda, discussion topics and past notes. Because the truth is, time is precious, and everyone should be able to attend meetings where everyone is well-prepared and has updates to share.”

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