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Legacy Wills & Estates Game Changer LEAP to CallSmart

Baby Boomers are expected to transfer a record $3.5 trillion to younger generations in Australia over the next two decades. Specialist firm Legacy Wills and Estates is at the forefront of addressing this challenge and is entrusted with ensuring that wealth transitions smoothly and in accordance with clients’ wishes and legal frameworks.

Legacy Wills & Estates is a modern and forward-thinking firm using the latest technology to make its client experience efficient, streamlined, and highly personable. One of the key challenges they had was with their old phone system:

    • A single line for incoming calls, no capacity for growth and risked missing important client phone calls
    • No advanced automation features like call capture, recording or transcribing to drive efficiency and improve client service delivery
    • Not cloud-based, unable to integrate with other practice systems or answer calls away from the office

Practice Manager, Rebecca Squires, spent a couple of months researching phone systems and seeing what other law firms were using. She discovered Boab IT and CallSmart through their LEAP partnership and was immediately impressed.

“As soon as we saw the CallSmart demonstration and how it integrated with LEAP, we were convinced it was the best solution. We could also see how enthusiastic the Boab IT team were about CallSmart. They were helpful, responsive, and worked closely with us to understand and resolve our biggest challenges.” Squires stated.

Goodbye Missed Calls and Handwritten File Notes

Thanks to CallSmart, digital File Notes are now standardised across the firm with a click of a button. In real-time, File Notes used for evidence, matter management, continuity, and reference are effortlessly saved to client matters in LEAP, providing accurate records that are easy for everyone to access, understand and rely upon.

With a new CloudPBX phone platform, Legacy Wills and Estates now manage incoming calls with ease. The team now has the flexibility to make calls from the office, mobile or any web browser supporting all work models — in-house, remote, and hybrid.

Additionally, the firm has greatly reduced paper-based processes and saved time, space and money while integrating with other cloud-based systems.

CallSmart Emerges as a ‘Game-Changer’

Squires continued, “CloudPBX was much more advanced than other call systems we researched. Its CallSmart integration to LEAP made comparisons like chalk and cheese. CallSmart was a game-changer for the firm. It created the muscle memory that allowed everyone to capture calls and file Notes in half the time.”

Boab IT CEO Sue Hood commented, "Capturing client matter-related phone calls into a practice management system across law firm staff, either working in the office or remotely, is fundamental to implementing operational efficiencies and risk mitigation strategies within the practice.”

Legacy Wills & Estates recommends law firm specialist Boab IT to any practice looking for technology solutions.

For LEAP law firms looking to optimise the capture of their client matter-related phone calls, Boab IT are running CallSmart webinars in April & May.

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