Legal Ops Reporting & Tech Roadmap with Epiq

Legal Ops Reporting and Tech Roadmap with Epiq

In two separate episodes on their The Legal Ops Podcast, Alex Rosenrauch and Elliot Leibu, legal ops professionals with experience and passion for this subject, and deep connections in the industry, interview Epiq’s Catherine Moynihan, Senior Director, Strategic Intelligence and Advisory and Eyal Iffergan, Managing Director, Legal Business Advisory at Hyperion Global Partners.

In one episode, Talking Tech: Hyperion market research with Catherine Moynihan, they discuss Hyperion’s legal operations consultancy services to legal teams across the world. In particular, they discuss research reports, covering:

Catherine Moynihan
  • What it is about the legal tech market that makes the reports valuable?
  • What the reports cover, in what detail and how frequently they are updated.
  • How Hyperion's customers use the reports both to understand the technology marketplace and to formulate and clarify their own requirements.
  • How Hyperion's reports differ from others in the market.
  • What trends Hyperion has seen in legal tech and what developments are expected in the future?

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In the other episode, Talking Tech: Hyperion legal business advisory with Eyal Iffergan. Eyal, Alex and Elliot discuss technology roadmaps and data analytics, including:

Eyal Iffergan

  • What a technology roadmap is, why it's important in both private practice and in-house and how it relates to the team's broader strategy.
  • How legal operations are helping to drive the legal industry to become a "customer-driven market".
  • What legal teams typically do well (and less well) when creating a technology roadmap.
  • What we mean by "legal metrics" and whether or not they must be quantifiable.
  • What is most challenging: collecting, analysing or utilising metrics?
  • What are the most critical metrics for a legal function to focus on?

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Also, follow the links to learn more about Epiq, Hyperion Global Partners, and Hyperion Research.

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