Lightyear Law firms intelligent purchasing AP

Lightyear Ahead for Law Firms' Intelligent Purchasing & AP?

David Woolstencroft interviews Roger Gregg, the Co-Founder of Lightyear.

Lightyear is a cloud-based procurement and accounts payable automation solution that looks after inbound bills and relationships with suppliers across various industries including hospitality, construction, retailers or pharmacy through three-line item matching.

Learn how Lightyear would benefit professional services firms and how have they have re-strategised and changed their roadmap in the last two years due to COVID.

What changes have they observed from their customers and how have these clients increased efficiency up to 80% of time spent through these changes?

How would paying by crypto and digital currencies be enabled in the future, as it is becoming more accepted by the world?

Watch the video to find more about the innovative payment automation solution that is convenient and cost-effective.

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