Mastering the Metaverse for Law Firms

Mastering the Metaverse for Law Firms | AnyLaw

It is advantageous that the legal sector understands the opportunities that present with the emergence of the Metaverse. The Metaverse will soon become a platform where everything will take place from conferences, meetings, businesses, e-commerce - the possibilities are endless!

Large enterprises and forward-thinking businesses have set-up stall in the metaverse, and it is vital that law firms alike start considering the Metaverse platform for their long-term goals ahead.

Why and how should law firms be using the Metaverse platform?

AnyLaw's web event 'Mastering the Metaverse' will uncover the emerging concept that will soon shape the future of everything. This event will take place in the Metaverse on Thursday June 30, 2022 at 2:00 PM EDT. 

AnyLaw & Gideon Software present Mitch Jackson, an attorney who is always on the bleeding edge of technology, to discuss all things metaverse. Mitch will go through how to get started in the metaverse, how law firms could use this space for business purposes and how they could also win more clients in the metaverse.

The 1st hour will cover how you could create your own avatar and navigate through the metaverse. Then, Mitch will present on the metaverse, followed by a 30-minute networking event during the 2nd hour.

Register now, 'It doesn't get any meta than this!'

Follow the link to secure your spot for the Mastering the Metaverse event.

Want to learn more about the Metaverse prior to the event?

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