MATTERLINQ Legal Entrepreneur Solution Launch

MATTERLINQ launches on 1 January 2024 - a milestone for entrepreneurs seeking a platform that is designed to be the backbone of law firms' business operations. MATTERLINQ's mission is to provide aspiring business owners with the time and resources required for dedicated business expansion. They operate on a Freemium model, allowing users to pay for their consumption. 

“New businesses need a solid foundation right from the start. This is where MATTERLINQ recognises entrepreneurs' need to access user-friendly and affordable solutions. The individual plan is entirely free, and for teams, it's priced at just $2.5—less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee,” stated Steven Wang, Founder of MATTERLINQ

“At MATTERLINQ, we firmly believe that every business, regardless of size, should have access to professional services without incurring excessive costs. Our mission is crystal clear – we aim to empower every business to evolve wisely! MATTERLINQ aspires to cater to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs and business professionals,” continued Wang.

Early Access to MATTERLINQ 

MATTERLINQ offers a suite of features designed to elevate your business: 

    1. Time management: To effortlessly track time and to bill accurately for each task, promoting efficiency and transparency in project billing.
    2. Billing management: To simplify billing management by integrating timesheets and expenses directly from the system into your bills, making the billing cycle efficient and effortless.
    3. Project Centric: Experience digital transformation with MATTERLINQ's project-centric approach. All information is stored with a project focus and systematically organised around each project for an efficient workflow.
    4. Secure content management: Manage project documents easily using a project-centric approach for quick and easy access to relevant files. Safeguard sensitive information while enjoying organised and accessible matter files.
    5. Expense management: Minimise project-related financial tracking with easy expense recording, categorisation, and management, ensuring accurate financial oversight.
    6. KYC Compliance (Coming soon): MATTERLINQ's upcoming KYC Compliance feature will ensure regulatory compliance with necessary checks and documentation, keeping the project environment secure and compliant with industry standards. This is for law firms to stay ahead of regulatory issues and to keep in line with industry standards and regulations.

The platform facilitates easy customer interaction by connecting to their customers through a portal. This added feature enhances user experience and strengthens the foundation for sustained business growth.

Follow the link to access further information relating to MATTERLINQ.
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