Nexl Templates

Nexl Templates to Power Law Firm Growth 

Nexl, a leading no-data-entry CRM and Revenue Collaboration platform has released a new library of templates for law firms to successfully launch their growth projects through automated, customisable templates designed for business development and marketing initiatives. 

Nexl is already known for providing law firms with the relationship data and insights they need for growth.

The Nexl template library currently encompasses 4 categories.

Nexl Templates

Within these 4 categories are the following templates:
    • Account-Based Marketing Plans
    • Client Feedback Program
    • Client Retention Project
    • Country Desk
    • Key Client Plan
    • Lateral Hire Onboarding Project
    • Personal Business Plan
    • Practice Development Plan
    • Sector Expansion Project
    • Alumni
    • Recruitment Campaign
    • Legal Directory Submission
    • Thought Leadership Campaign
    • Client Seminar
    • Recruitment Campaign

The Nexl Template Library is expanding and will soon include branded templates from Legal BD and Marketing visionaries.

Learning new things, organising your work life, executing an initiative for the first or for the 100s time,  templates are such a handy tool. They can provide guidance and teach new practices, they help you get started much quicker, introduce efficiency and consistency and generally make your work life much easier. This is one of the most exciting developments for Nexl and legal BD and marketing in general.” - stated Philipp Thurner, CEO at Nexl 

Law Firms are entering an unprecedented era. When you take the fact that the law firm market is more competitive than ever before, combined with the fact that liquidity markets are drying up faster than ever plus a steady increase in inflation and costs law firms today will need to not only drive revenue but also profitability. We launched Nexl template to help make it cost-effective and efficient for any law firm to get access to best-in-class marketing and business development strategies through the use of Nexl templates.” stated Ben Chiriboga, Chief Growth Officer at Nexl 

Follow the link to learn more about the Nexl Template Library.

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