Oddr Addresses Law Firm Billing Pains

Oddr Addresses Law Firm Billing Pains at ILTACON 2023

Oddr, a provider of an invoice-to-cash management platform built specifically for law firms, announces that it has achieved significant milestones on its mission to enable firms to more effectively execute this critical business process.

Today, law firms face tremendous challenges in efficiently managing the client bill-to-collections lifecycle. Through assessments and discovery, working with over 80 law firm advisors, the Oddr team identified several common pain points:

    • Preparing bills is painful
    • Delivering bills is daunting
    • Collections are challenging
    • Reconciliations add onerous overhead
    • Process visibility is limited and obscured

The Oddr team — legal technology veterans who played leadership roles in building category-defining business intake, conflicts, time entry, information security, and financial management products — is changing this equation. 

​Oddr invoice-to-collections management platform centralises, streamlines, and accelerates every step of this lifecycle — from bill creation to bill delivery, to collections, to reconciliation. In doing so, it enables new possibilities in analytics, forecasting, and client service.

Designed to address the specific challenges, business processes, and operational needs of law firms, Oddr works with and integrates existing, internal firm “point solutions” (e.g. FMS, bill creation, e-billing tools).

The Proof is in the Profit — Customer Adoption, Customer Success

Delivered via a true cloud model, with implementation timetables measured in weeks, Oddr is experiencing enthusiastic customer adoption and fantastic feedback:

Customer Perspective — von Briesen & Roper s.c.

“The Oddr platform helped our firm increase efficiency, visibility, and streamlined billing processes, resulting in faster payments and better payment cycle management, ” said William Caraher, CIO and Director of Operations, von Briesen & Roper.

Customer Perspective — Ward and Smith, P.A.

“The Oddr platform represents a groundbreaking advancement in billing operations productivity,” said Jennifer Sutton, Director of Finance at Ward and Smith. “Our team has embraced the platform, as it streamlines and automates previously labour-intensive tasks, substantially increasing productivity and bringing consistency to our client communication. Consequently, we can closely monitor the invoice progress, ensuring efficient Client delivery and enhanced business function management.”

"The Oddr platform helped our firm increase efficiency, visibility, and streamlined billing processes,” added Charles Collins, Director of Information Technology at Ward and Smith. “Through its advanced automation and innovative features, we have successfully eliminated significant manual work, resulting in considerable time and resource savings. The Oddr platform's unique invoice tracking empowered our firm to optimise processes and will allow us to efficiently follow up with clients, resulting in faster payments and better payment cycle management. Remarkably intuitive, the platform required minimal training, enabling seamless integration into the firm's billing operations. The implementation of the Oddr Platform is surprisingly swift and straightforward, which allowed us to establish a fully operational environment in a few weeks.”

“We’re excited to highlight our progress, spotlight recent customer success, celebrate our investments, and share more about our vision for simplifying how law firms manage the bill-to-collections lifecycle,” said Milan Bobde, Co-founder and CEO, Oddr. “Of course, the best is yet to come as we execute our plan to streamline this complex but critical business process. We can’t wait to connect with the legal community at ILTACON — to listen closely, to learn, and to continue building a product and company that will have a major, positive impact on the legal industry.”

To learn more, visit the Oddr website.
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