Second brain for transactional law

Second Brain for Transactional Law Announced by Centari

Centari, the startup building an LLM-powered "second brain" for legal teams, is announcing its generative AI platform to accelerate dealmaking and drive superior business outcomes for clients. The company's investors include South Park Commons, Alt Capital, Sarah Niyogi, and leaders from the legal industry.

Centari was founded by CEO Kevin Walker, formerly a Paul Hastings M&A lawyer and real estate general counsel, and CTO Bryan Davis, who previously led machine learning and data teams at Nextdoor, Meta, and Indeed.

"Generative AI represents the biggest paradigm shift in legal technology since law libraries went digital forty years ago," Walker says. "We are thrilled by the level of engagement from our early customers and look forward to making Centari available to more legal professionals."

"The first wave of LLM-powered products like ChatGPT demonstrated that generative AI is a powerful technology for generating content from public data sources," Davis notes. "The next wave will transform how organizations interact with their proprietary information, with secure data infrastructure being paramount."

South Park Commons partner and former Dropbox CTO Aditya Agarwal observed, "Kevin and Bryan have the combination of expertise and technical ability to build an industry-defining company and deliver the promise of generative AI to the legal industry. At SPC, we look for clear founder-market fit. The Centari team has it."

Centari's flagship product is an AI-powered precedent search tool that enables attorneys to surface relevant forms, clauses, and deal history in real-time while drafting agreements. The company is developing additional products for AI-augmented contract negotiation.

To date, Centari has partnered with select law firms and in-house teams to augment their workflows with secure legal AI. With this announcement, the company is expanding its pilot program and invites interested parties to join the waitlist by signing up on their waitlist.
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