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Smokeball AI To Transform Law Firm Practice Management

At Smokeball Spark 2024, Smokeball, a leader in all-in-one cloud legal practice management, proudly announces the launch of groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI)  functionality designed to elevate legal professionals and optimise their existing workflows and productivity.  

In Smokeball's recent 2024 State of Law survey, 57% of legal professionals expressed their eagerness to explore the benefits of AI to gain competitive advantage, with 23% already incorporating these tools into their practices and 64% comfortable using AI for legal research. However, 56% of respondents raised broad ethical concerns.  

The interest amongst professionals in harnessing the power of AI aligns seamlessly with Smokeball's ethos to provide a secure, user-friendly, and exceptionally functional tool within its cloud platform.  Recognising the transformative potential of AI in the legal domain, Smokeball has spearheaded the creation of Smokeball AI. Note that Smokeball’s stance on AI diverges from the belief that it will replace lawyers.  Rather, they believe that those who embrace AI will outshine their counterparts who do not. This conviction underscores their commitment to empowering legal professionals with cutting-edge technology, ensuring they not only keep pace with the evolving landscape but also emerge as leaders in the legal realm.

With a focus on delivering the highest security standards and protocols, Smokeball’s AI approach ensures that law firms can utilise the power of AI with the peace of mind knowing that all firm data remains confidential and controlled by the firm.

In an ever-evolving legal tech landscape, being a trusted advisor is crucial. Smokeball's commitment to innovation has resulted in the development of beautiful and connected AI features, promising to transform the way legal practices operate without disrupting their everyday workflows.

Smokeball is uniquely placed to help legal professionals utilise AI due to the comprehensive data that lives within its all-in-one platform providing real-time answers, document drafting and matter summaries more effectively and easily than any other platform.

Smokeball AI enhances functionality within its existing platform, optimising workflows to help law firms expedite intake processes, search for legal answers, navigate through matter documents, draft correspondence, and provide tailored descriptions of work directly on invoices.

Within the Smokeball AI ecosystem, legal firms can optimise every aspect of their working day:

Smokeball Harnesses the power of AI to take forms, PDF or even paper intake forms and transform these into digital intake forms at lightning speed, saving practitioners and their clients hours of time.

Smokeball Combines three powerful AI tools to deliver answers and document drafting for client matters in seconds. This includes the unprecedented power of ChatGPT to generate answers and content directly within Smokeball, alongside AI partners and tech providers, and Smokeball’s own matter and document answers AI, providing the most powerful and fastest way to obtain information, summarise large documents as well as case activity, or draft legal correspondence.

Smokeball Boasting the most accurate and automatic timesheet globally,  Smokeball’s existing functionality is elevated to create automated descriptions of work. A timesheet that not only records what you did and how long you spent on it but also delivers beautiful, tailored descriptions.

The suite of Smokeball AI tools will provide legal professionals with easy and secure access to AI directly integrated into their daily workflows, resulting in increased productivity, and saving significant time on routine tasks and paperwork, allowing legal professionals to focus on delivering high-quality legal services to their clients.

Four principals of AI - Hunter Steele

Hunter Steele, CEO, commented, “We are incredibly excited to support law firms as their trusted advisor in legal technology and have quickly realised the utility that AI is going to provide our clients. Smokeball is uniquely placed to help firms embrace AI due to the advanced productivity and document generation capabilities, our all-in-one and secure environment. Ultimately, we can truly help our clients get more  work done faster and more accurately than ever before." 

Smokeball AI functionality will be available in mid-2024, with beta rollouts commencing in March. For more information on AI and harnessing its power, visit

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