Smokeball Marketplace Precedents

Smokeball Launches Marketplace Precedents

Smokeball launches Marketplace Precedents, a new service connecting clients with a large selection of professionally crafted precedents from multiple industry leading peers, saving small law firms hours of drafting documents and giving them the confidence of  leveraging the latest legal IP of experienced practitioners through this precedents library.

The service launches with new precedents from Precedents Online led by practising solicitor Eric Kalde and the Family Law Education Network of Australia (FLENA) recently founded by Amanda Little.

Precedents Online will supply precedents covering a wide range of topics from mortgage loans, shareholders, and share sales to partnership agreements, while FLENA will provide  family law precedents covering topics such as letters of advice, cost notices, and offers of settlement. 

Eric Kalde, Principal solicitor of Kalde Legal and Director of Precedents Online notes: “Our law firm Kalde Legal is where all our ideas come from. If we need it, the chances are other lawyers do too. All our research and development come from real life scenarios for which we have developed solutions. A good example is commercial leasing. A lot of people expect these to be signed electronically now and New South Wales Land Registry Services only accepts them by online registration. It makes sense that these precedents now have terms built in that allows for electronic execution. That goes for a lot of other precedents too.”

Amanda Little Founder of FLENA adds: “I am extremely pleased to be launching the Family Law Education Network of Australia (FLENA) which will be the first initiative of its kind providing collaboration and support for family lawyers throughout Australia, as well as access to industry leaders and interesting and challenging CLE/CPD topics and professional and compliant precedents as part of its membership. Partnering with Smokeball to provide access to precedents in another channel will assist us and Smokeball achieve our vision of helping family lawyers change the way they practice for sustainable long-term careers.”

An optional add-on to their subscription, Smokeball clients will be able to tailor their access to only the precedent providers that are relevant to their needs with all precedent partners easily accessible in one place through the marketplace.

Emma Erlach, Smokeball Head of Product says: “We are delighted to launch Marketplace Precedents with such highly regarded partners. We will continue to partner with specialist legal firms from multiple practice areas including Commercial, Family and Conveyancing Law to offer high quality and up-to-date precedents to the smartest and most innovative small law firms around the country. It is a service that clients have shown a real appetite for as not only does it save time with not having to draft from scratch and the ability to access decades of specialist experience, but it also gives firms security that they are working with the very latest precedents and information.” 

Follow the link to find out more about Marketplace Precedents. 

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