Smokeball Ranks 1 on G2's Top 20 Legal Case Management Software

Smokeball Ranks 1 on G2's Top 20 Legal Case Management Software

Smokeball is placed first on G2's 'The Top 20 Legal Case Management Software', for both 'Highest Rated' and 'Easiest To Use' software. A global tech marketplace, G2 offers a platform that allows real-world businesses to discover, review and manage technology to optimise their business practice. 

The satisfaction and usability score is calculated by real-user satisfaction reviews and proprietary algorithm on a number of factors regarding the product including the ease of use, meeting requirements, ease of doing business with, ease of set up, quality of support and ease of admin. The results are based on 102 law practice, 72 legal services, 1 accounting and 1 commercial real estate firms that Smokeball represented. 

Smokeball is leading the chart with an extremely high satisfaction score of 93 and a high usability score of 9.4. "We are very proud of this achievement, as being the top-rated Legal Case Management Software in the US is obviously no mean feat. I especially love that this rating is based on real-user feedback across a number of categories from ease of use, quality of support, and of course meeting requirements for our clients." says Jane Oxley the Global Chief Revenue Officer.

Jane adds, "We put a huge amount of effort into developing a top product as well as into every single client interaction across the business, so it is very affirming to see that our clients see this, recognise it, and are even putting pen to paper to acknowledge it."

Source: G2

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