Smokeball to Enhance Firms Websites with LawLytics

Smokeball to Enhance Firms Websites with LawLytics

Smokeball, the global leader in legal practice management recently announced the acquisition of LawLytics, a website management platform that enables effective communication with current and prospective clients, and the ability to market small law firms online. LawLytics effectively manages website and SEO in the most convenient and simple way, especially for those that are seeking to expand their business.

“LawLytics has built a unique platform to deliver world-class websites to small law firms, at scale,” said Christian Beck, the founder of the Smokeball-LEAP-InfoTrack Group. “Its software has emerged as the strongest leader in the very large and competitive U.S. market and is the future of legal marketing. We’re excited to partner with Dan and the LawLytics team.”

As the future of legal practice indicates the optimisation of the practice management systems and websites focusing on the digital environment to continually evolve, LawLytics, Smokeball and LEAP will be at the forefront of the evolution of efficiency and ensure that small law firms have access to technology that is required to prepare for the future of the legal industry. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Christian, his teams, and their innovative companies,” said Dan Jaffe, the CEO of LawLytics. “This deal turbocharges our mission of simplifying and demystifying legal marketing with powerful and easy-to-use technology. We now have both the strategic and financial backing of the world’s most successful legal technology organization and the autonomy to maintain our culture of client-focused innovation.”

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