The Benefits of Digitising Your Law Firm for the Future

The Benefits of Digitising Your Law Firm for the Future

David Woolstencroft interviews John van Rooyen, Global Sales Director of Fileman, discussing law firms transitioning to the “paper-light” environment. 

Interestingly, before COVID-19, law firms did not prioritise digital transformation as the majority of personnel were based in the office. 

John discusses why law firms of all sizes are transitioning to a digitised work environment, highlighting the benefits for the firm, employees and clients. John emphasises the importance of storing documents in the appropriate manner to preserve the quality and longevity of legal documents for perpetual access. 

John mentions that it is challenging to preserve the quality of the physical documents and reveals the optimal way to address this issue while transitioning to paperless.

David states that documents can be stored everywhere - physically, on computers and servers, on cloud storage and on other devices. John outlines his ‘3, 2, 1 Back Up’ strategy and precautions to take, to store the documents in the safest way for both physical and digital documents. 

Watch the video to learn John’s view on the best way to digitise your law firm for the future.

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