Legal Tech Marketplace Expands to the Netherlands

To shake up the traditional landscape of the legal industry, ("TheLawyerGuide") has launched its innovative legaltech platform in the Netherlands.

Since its inception in Norway in 2020, the platform has since rolled out its services in countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland. The Netherlands launch signifies the company’s continued commitment to offering clients an enhanced way to find suitable lawyers.

The Netherlands boasts many practising lawyers, underscored by a high lawyers-per-capita count. This high density of legal professionals creates a unique landscape for TheLawyerGuide’s platform. Not just a marketplace, the website also provides SaaS marketing tools designed exclusively for lawyers. These tools help lawyers streamline and optimise their online presence, allowing for a more efficient client-lawyer matching process.

"The launch in the Netherlands represents a pivotal moment in our global strategy," said Erling Løken Andersen, chairman of TheLawyerGuide. "We view it as a first global step, preparing us for our forthcoming ambitious expansion into the U.S. market."

The U.S. market for legal assistance is vast, with Avvo, the marketplace giant, reporting impressive revenues year after year. Having secured a total of $132 million in funding, Avvo was acquired by California-based Internet Brands in 2018. As TheLawyerGuide gears up for its U.S. release, it sets the stage for an intriguing competitive scenario with Avvo.

Aside from its core marketplace offering, TheLawyerGuide’s platform serves as a valuable repository of lawyer-client experiences, offering insights and reviews that are integral for potential clients. Statistics have shown that over 70% of clients prioritise reviews and personal experiences when choosing a legal representative.

TheLegalGuide has previously raised €400.000 EUR from its founder Erling Løken Andersen, followed by a successful crowdfunding campaign bringing in €430.000 EUR. In the last round, the company was valued at €3.6m EUR. TheLegalGuide’s journey from its Nordic origins to a growing European presence underscores its commitment to revolutionising the legal marketplace. With eyes set on the Netherlands and the U.S., TheLawyerGuide aims to redefine how clients engage with legal professionals, making the process more transparent, efficient, and user-friendly.

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