TLF Challenges Status Quo Law Creativity

The Legal Forecast Challenges the Status Quo in Law

David Woolstencroft interviews Daniel, Linda and Erika from The Legal Forecast (TLF).

They talk about how TLF emerged from conversations in a pub to a national organisation across Australia, altogether challenging the status quo, focusing on the impact of new technology and creativity in law. How do they use art and music to address these issues such as mental health, wellbeing and work-life balance, that are prevalent in the legal industry? How has the pandemic impacted the practice of law and technology as lawyers? What are their thoughts on the metaverse as the potential platform for lawyers in the near future? 

As law touches every part of everyone’s lives, TLF empowers individuals to bring these unique interests and creativity whether it be technology, music or art, starting discussions from legal perspectives to make better changes and better access to justice. TLF provides a community for legal professionals that are inclusive and welcoming, providing a space for creativity, curiosity, compassion and care.

They further discuss what other alternative career opportunities there are for lawyers and law graduates. How lawyers could bring a unique perspective to understand different industries? How have different work experiences shaped an ‘alternative’ career path? 

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