Top 5 Things Top Law Firm Websites Have in Common | LPI

Top 5 Things Top Law Firm Websites Have in Common | LPI

The best law firm websites don’t just dominate the Internet and its search engines, they also lead the legal industry. They hold potential clients’ attention and convince them to connect and take action by operating a good website, improving SEO for law firms, and other effective marketing strategies. 

Learn lessons from the best law firms to bring your company to greater heights. In this guide, we’ll help you create and improve a law firm website to attract clients and partners. 

Why create and improve your website

Websites serve various purposes and offer many benefits to a company or an individual. A law firm website carries all the general information about your firm, expertise or service areas, and contact information, among others. With all the information a law firm website carries, it serves as a bridge between the law firm and its potential clients or partners. Websites and SEO for law firms improve your online visibility and target territories. 

5 things today's best law firm websites possess

Whether you plan to create or improve your law firm website, you would learn a thing or two about website features and functionality from the best law firm websites today. Here are the things they have in common:

Fast response time

Response time is the first thing that affects the user’s attention. 10 seconds is the only time potential clients will ask of you before they transfer to another website with better response time and SEO for law firms. The best law firm websites are fast; they utilize page caching effectively and optimize all text and media content for faster page loads.


The majority of Internet users and potential legal clients today surf the web through smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. A law firm website should cater to this population. The best law firm websites can adapt to all screen sizes without affecting the quality of the media content and the structure of the main site. 

Visual appeal

The best law firm websites are visually appealing. They equally look professional and engaging. All their media content, especially graphics and photographs, is of professional grade and reflects the value and personality of the law firm. Their textual information and visual cues are also readable and pleasing to the eyes. 

SEO for law firms

The best law firm websites can easily be found by Google and potential clients. SEO for law firms helps improve the site and the company’s online visibility. SEO-optimized law firm websites rank higher on the search engine results page. With this visibility, potential clients flock to these websites to research, connect, and seek assistance. 

Strategies for different channels

Create a strategy for each key marketing channel and align them for a great customer experience that meets your business goals

From social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content, blog posts, events to press and video you will know what each channel can bring to the table and how they can be synchronized to achieve your targets. Learn your strategies in line with your brand's archetype to turn your name into the go-to powerhouse that resonates with your audience on a deeper level through this course by Novum Learning.

Clear and complete information

Last but not the least and probably one of the most important factors is information. The best law firm websites have clear and complete information about the firm’s history, expertise, achievements, attorney bios, and contact information. Other necessary contents that can carry information are blog pages, inquiry pages, achievements, and mission and vision. 

Why tap professional website developers 

Creating a website that people will call one of the best isn’t a walk in the park. There are steps and strategies—and some of them require a trial and error process. Professional website developers can help you realize your goals, improve your SEO for law firms, and incorporate all things top law firm websites have in common. 

Authored by Jesseca G. Flamiano

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