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Traact Launches Legal Operations Cloud Platform

Traact has launched its cloud-based platform, which offers a broad range of integrated capabilities, including Entity Management, Permits and Licensing, Board Management, Matter Management, Contract Management, Disputes and Litigation, Finance and Taxes, and Document Management modules. 

Corporate legal and law firm clients alike are to substantially benefit from Traact’s comprehensive non-siloed approach, enabling them to automate and streamline legal operations with the most modern technology advances available.

Seeing the clear need for disruption and modernisation in this category, Traact has innovatively designed a fresh approach to serve clients more efficiently and inexpensively.

Poised for success, Traact has already attracted interest from corporate enterprise legal departments and is also discussing customised solutions with top law firms that can leverage the platform to manage their legal services. Private equity firms are also gravitating to Traact to manage their portfolios of investment companies.

Robert Holdheim, COO of Traact, remarked, “Our vision is to make Traact the solution for all legal and administrative functions, cutting across existing corporate silos and offering a single, centralised point of reference and action. Wrapping these functions in a suite of modern digital collaboration and project management tools will drive both dramatic gains in efficiency and substantial reductions in cost."

“Traact has streamlined our functions, replacing multiple service providers. We’ve seen significant efficiency and cost benefits. Their team is incredibly responsive and always goes above and beyond to help whenever we need it. The level of service is world-class!” Raymond Cho, General Counsel of Timec, remarked.

Traact is a subscription-based SaaS that charges a flat fee based on the client’s number of entities and operates in all 50 United States and 130 countries worldwide.

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About Traact

Traact is a fast-growing technology startup with a geographically diverse development team. Developing digitally native and cloud-based tech, Traact is bringing much-needed disruption and transformation to corporations, law firms and financial organisations. The company has attracted top engineers from the largest, most successful companies in the world and is dedicated to providing the very best in tech-first solutions and client service acumen.

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