Lexsoft's new GenAI KM solution offers small law firms cost-effective, AI-powered knowledge management, automating processes, and levelling the competitive field.

Unlock AI Power: Lexsoft's KM Tool for Small Firms

Lexsoft Systems, a global legaltech consultancy highly specialised in Knowledge Management, announced the availability of a new, ready-to-deploy, light-touch version of its T3 GenAI Knowledge Management (KM) solution for small and growing law firms. This user-friendly solution, powered by generative AI technology, brings best-practice KM capability within reach for law firms of up to 100 users, eliminating the potential cost barrier of a fully-fledged KM department.

This solution automates a firm's knowledge capture, collation, and classification via a simple, streamlined process. Lawyers trigger the knowledge capture process from within the iManage Work document and email management system by sending the documents or knowledge into the iManage Insight+ knowledge search and management solution. Harnessing generative AI capability, T3 automatically classifies the content into the appropriate taxonomies within Insight+, ready for review and approval of inclusion by the dedicated Knowledge Assistant.

“Our new solution democratises generative AI capability for legal Knowledge Management,” said Carlos García-Egocheaga, CEO of Lexsoft Systems. “Smaller firms can now benefit from a structured, basic approach to Knowledge Management – a capability that has so far been limited to larger firms with dedicated KM resources.”

García-Egocheaga continued, “The only investment firms need to initiate a best practice approach to Knowledge Management is to designate an Assistant. We're empowering smaller legal teams to leverage their collective expertise efficiently, and in doing so, we are helping to level the playing field for adopting KM and generative AI technology.”

T3 is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution implemented over the industry-leading document and email management platform, iManage Work in the cloud, in the highly secure Microsoft Azure environment. Both the T3 SaaS and T3 GenAI solutions seamlessly integrate with cloudimanage.com, iManage’s Cloud platform, and iManage Insight+, iManage’s cloud-native knowledge search and management solution, ensuring the highest level of data security for your firm.

Law firms require a Microsoft OpenAI tenant to deploy this solution.

About Lexsoft Systems

Lexsoft provides IT and business process solutions to the legal sector across Europe, the United States, and Latin America. The company assists law firms and corporate legal departments (CLD) in improving their Document Management, Knowledge Management, Practice Management, and CRM processes to facilitate business efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce risk. Lexsoft T3 is a proven Knowledge Management solution, offering one of the most comprehensive workflows for this business function.

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