WALTA Playbook

WALTA’s Playbook Launch for Women in Legal Technology

Continuing from the successful launch earlier this year, the Women of the Australian Legal Technology Association (WALTA) are launching the global publication of the WALTA Playbook!

In this playbook, WALTA has gathered some of Australia’s top LegalTech talent and collated the best ideas, tips, learnings and resources to ensure women of Australian LegalTech have the best possible opportunity to find success with their innovations. This work is a reflection of an inspiring, strong community of LegalTech women who want to support other women and keep raising the bar on this unique moment in history when they can impact the representation of women in the LegalTech industry and conversation for generations to come. 

Australia has a thriving LegalTech market and community, with more than 80 dedicated software companies building their LegalTech ideas as members of ALTA. Within this vigorous community, there is a unique opportunity to provide women entrepreneurs with guidance, information, stories and support for building LegalTech software and businesses in a robust, kick-ass fashion right from the beginning.  

As a LegalTech community - founders, builders, buyers, consultants and students – WALTA's aim is to help female LegalTech innovators avoid pitfalls, point to shortcuts, show what success looks like, guide on funding options, and advise how to navigate the regulatory potholes. The aim is to arm women in legal technology with as much information as possible to jump over those hurdles with their LegalTech innovation intact and enable them to race to the next stage of their entrepreneurial journey with enough energy to keep going as long as they desire, not because they didn’t have the support or critical information that they needed.

The WALTA committee is ambitious in its goal to continue to drive change and turn ideas into action. As such WALTA will launch the Playbook with a virtual event on 30 November 2022 at 12 noon (ADST).  

WALTAs Leaders

WALTA is led by Lisa Dowie, Amanda Fajerman, Jodie Baker and Karen Finch, and is a subcommittee under the umbrella of ALTA. This playbook would not have been possible if not for the dedication and commitment of each of the authors and editors. The playbook stands as a testament to the drive and passion of the women of Australian legal technology, which WALTA hopes will inspire others in the future and globally.

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