InfoTrack Wins DocuSign Partner Growth Award

InfoTrack Wins the DocuSign Partner Growth Award

InfoTrack has been honoured with the prestigious Partner Growth Award at the inaugural DocuSign APAC Customer and Partner Awards. The ceremony held on Tuesday the 5th of April is the first of its kind in DocuSign’s global history, marking an important step for the company in recognising the vital role that partners play in contributing to the growth of e-signature technology. 

Sandra Falzon, the General Manager of Marketing, who collected the award on behalf of InfoTrack stated, “Our partnership with DocuSign is incredibly important to us as it aligns with one of our key goals to promote and support our clients with the growing adoption of e-signatures. We are both thrilled and honoured to receive this award as a mark of InfoTrack’s commitment to continued growth in the adoption of digital technologies.” 

The Partner Growth Award itself is presented to the DocuSign partner who has demonstrated significant growth year on year through an increase in product sales and revenue. Over the past few years, the pandemic has instigated a significant shift in the way businesses operate, prompting an increase in the adoption of essential technologies. Throughout this time of change, InfoTrack has led the charge with its ‘Transition to e-Conveyancing COVID-19 Care Packages’ offering a critical solution to clients when they needed it most. The result of this investment is a significant up-take in essential technologies for the InfoTrack client base. 

Kristy Lee Bullock the Head of Products at InfoTrack explained, “We initially offered the care package to clients as a critical solution in assisting businesses to seamlessly transition to remote work practices. However, long-term, this initiative has had many further-reaching impacts. Our client base has continued to finance essential technology within their firms, now understanding how the solutions that InfoTrack offers can modernise their workflow to promote productivity and efficiency.”

In response to this accolade, InfoTrack CEO John Ahern said, “This award reflects how digital transformation continues to revolutionise the way that businesses and individuals work. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen a shift from traditional practices and face-to-face meetings which require people to find replacements for manual processes. InfoTrack has always had an unwavering commitment to digital adoption and we believe in empowering people with the right software, training and support where needed.”

DocuSign and InfoTrack have a long-standing relationship with the aligned goal to promote the growth of e-signature technology. InfoTrack will continue its significant contribution to electronic signing with continued growth into 2022 and future years.

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