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Leveraging Digital Channels to Win More Clients | LPI

In an increasingly competitive business market, one solution to add value to your law firm is through effective marketing. If you have not accessed the LPI's list of useful resources for law firm marketing, this is a great place to start. We have compiled a list of marketing resources including online courses from industry experts. 

Why digital marketing?

A comprehensive understanding of digital marketing including search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, and email marketing is critical as tech savvy generation will utilise an electronic device or online platform as a source to seek information and solution to their needs and wants. Optimising digital marketing provides more opportunities to connect with current and prospecting customers, generating more leads through enhanced awareness of your company, exchanging information about the unique value, products and services on the right platform.

Leverage some of the most powerful platforms and digital marketing tools such as Google Ads, LinkedIn and Facebook.

One of the key advantage is that it allows you to digitally analyse which adds convenience and saves you time - this way you can continually monitor the effectiveness and see how you could improve your services and generate even more leads!

Eventbrite Webinar: Google Ads and PPC

'A Crash Course to Google Ads and Pay-per-Click (PPC) [60-min Webinar]' by Eventbrite, Josh Martin on Thursday, November 18, 2021

Make sure you register for this webinar that Eventbrite is hosting at no out-of-pocket expense. Josh Martin, the Digital Marketing Expert at Boulder SEO Marketing is the presenter with over 14 years of digital marketing experience.

Fundamentals of digital marketing 

'Fundamentals of digital marketing' course by Google Digital Garage

This is a free self-paced learning course that underpins the core concepts of digital marketing to help with your career and business. 

Digital marketing for SMBs with Greg Gifford

'Digital marketing for SMBs with Greg Gifford: Course Content' by Semrush Academy, Greg Gifford

This online course covers a broad range of topics including websites, email marketing, SEO, retargeting, display advertising and competitive analysis. Greg Gifford has over 18 years of digital marketing experience and is a highly respected speaker for marketing conferences. 

Marketing on LinkedIn

The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide by Alex Rynne

Take your marketing to the next level on LinkedIn - a powerful platform with Alex Rynne, the award-winning content creator at LinkedIn. 

Facebook marketing course

'Facebook marketing course: How to develop effective organic and paid strategies' by Hubspot 

Learn how to develop an effective Facebook marketing strategy, further grow your organic reach, craft a winning Facebook ads strategy. This is a free, personalised and short online course with instructed by marketing experts. 

Content marketing course

'Content marketing course: Get certified in content marketing' by Hubspot

Become an effective content marketer through consistency, creating purpose for people and search engines, be more strategic, through this free online course instructed by marketing experts. 

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