ID Verification Now More Accessible | LPI

ID Verification Now More Accessible | LPI

InfoTrack today announced a new national partnership with PharmacyID to make it more accessible for consumers to prove their identity by visiting their local pharmacy.

InfoTrack CEO, John Ahern says, “Consumers are being asked to prove their identity multiple times when buying, selling or leasing a property and having to gather and present the documentation needed to pass the required identity checks can be a real hassle, especially during COVID lockdowns.”

Regulation change

Changes in regulations and state-by-state insurance requirements inside and out of pandemic lockdowns have left many practitioners left to set an internal policy for identifying remote clients.  This new partnership provides another way of identifying their clients.  This has enabled the development of a new in-person verification solution that is initiated by a professional within InfoTrackID (the multi-award-winning innovation formerly known as WebVOI) and completed by their client at their local pharmacy. The solution can be used right across 2,500 pharmacies in Australia, meeting security, privacy, compliance, and verification needs for a wide range of use cases.

General Manager of InfoTrackID, Marcus Cann says, “This new partnership now gives professionals one of the most robust, secure and reliable options available in Australia. Entrusting a known pharmacy agent with sighting a Verification of Identity combined with InfoTrackID’s built-in automated checks and validation against Australian Government DVS records in real-time, makes this solution hard to match.”

The PharmacyID national network of local, trusted pharmacy agents already offer Police Checks to consumers. “It was an obvious decision that by offering identity checks at the pharmacy as well, it would make life even easier for consumers.” Adds Cann

“The identity check is initiated by the professional within InfoTrackID and generates a unique, secure barcode for the consumer to take to their pharmacy along with their ID documents.” Says Cann

Geoff Stockton, CEO of PharmacyID says, “PharmacyID is very excited to be partnering with leading tech innovator, InfoTrack.”

“PharmacyID has been at the forefront of supporting community-based businesses for over 20 years, and we continue this commitment by working with pharmacies throughout Australia to make this new solution accessible to consumers with busy work and personal lives, in or out of COVID lockdown.” Stockton adds.

The solution is being rolled out across Australia, with Victoria the first state to benefit from this service.

About InfoTrack

InfoTrack is a leading innovator in legal technology. InfoTrack’s integrated platform has been supporting over 8,000 businesses with technology adoption for over 21 years, enabling clients to find, analyse, organise and communicate information more efficiently. InfoTrack’s wealth of data, deep knowledge and expertise of the Australian legal and conveyancing industry is a barometer for property activity from contract creation through to settlement.

About InfoTrackID

InfoTrackID is an easy-to-use online identity verification platform that allows for Verification of Identity (VOI) either in person, remotely, or via a trusted agent. Formerly known as WebVOI, the multi-award-winning solution integrates with over 30 practice management systems and can be accessed anywhere at any time.

About PharmacyID

PharmacyID is a secure identity verification system used by Australian Federal, State, and local governments, companies, and other organisations. PharmacyID exceeds currently accepted standards of identity verification, significantly reducing or eliminating the potential for fraud. With locations in every State and Territory in both metropolitan and regional centres, PharmacyID will be the largest identity verification retail network in Australia.

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