"NetDocuments at ILTACON 2021  | LPI"

"NetDocuments at ILTACON 2021 | LPI"

NetDocuments, a leading cloud content management platform for legal professionals, introduces several new technologies targeted to give professionals greater flexibility while working remotely, promoting productivity gains and greater insights, and deeper integrations with Microsoft technologies.

These enhancements are all available as part of NetDocuments’ Work Inspired Solutions, a comprehensive portfolio of legal technologies. Work Inspired Solutions have been adopted by more than 1,125 existing NetDocuments law firm and corporate legal customers during the pandemic.

During ILTACON 2021, NetDocuments will be introducing the following technologies and enhancements :

  1. ndKeyboardBoosting mobility. Enables quick and secure document sharing on mobile devices, working with applications such as Outlook and MS Teams, as well as on both iOS and Android.
  2. Workspace Analytics: Increasing productivity visibility. A part of the LEARN solution, Workspace Analytics provides actionable intelligence across a matter or project, so users can see commonly accessed documents, a timeline of document activity, most active lawyers on the matter, and more.
  3. DocuSign eSignature for NetDocumentsAutomating workflow. Users can easily send, receive, and track e-signatures for documents as part of their standard workflow. This native integration with DocuSign eSignature, the world’s #1 way to sign electronically on practically any device, is part of ORGANIZE and is expected to be available in Q4 2021.
  4. Microsoft integrationsEnhancing cloud-to-cloud connectivity. NetDocuments continues to expand its deep integrations with Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, and Microsoft 365.  ChatLink enhancements (included with PLAN) provide simplified document references as well as more powerful synching between NetDocuments and Microsoft. This enables legal professionals to keep their files secure, while still being able to easily edit and collaborate.
  5. Activity Center/ndOffice synchingIncreasing offline and mobile flexibility. Lawyers want to access files remotely, even when they don’t have access to the internet. Working closely with legal professionals, NetDocuments’ design team reimagined the NetDocuments Activity Center to enable this. Favourite or recently available documents can be accessed offline, with changes being synched and uploaded as a new version, once users are again connected. Included with ORGANIZE.
  6. Delegate homepage managementEnhancing legal tech collaboration. By favouriting documents and workspaces, a lawyer can quickly find links to work-product directly on the homepage. Now with delegate homepage management, lawyers can let their support staff organize their homepage for them, preloading it with relevant materials that are automatically downloaded to the local system, and available within the Activity Center. Included with ORGANIZE.

“These enhancements are what we mean when we talk about ‘Attorney-Inspired Innovations.’ They are derived from close engagement with legal professionals and improve their productivity and happiness with our products,” said Dan Hauck, NetDocuments’ Chief Product Officer. “Each solution provides unique and enduring value for customers. And we are looking forward to sharing even more at INSPIRE, our user conference this November.”

Product Innovation and Market Momentum

Since launching Work Inspired Solutions 12 months ago, NetDocuments has experienced 62% growth of new solution sales and add-ons compared to the prior year. In addition, 63% of sales to existing customers came from the new Work Inspired Solutions. In Q2 2021, based on annual recurring revenue (ARR) gains and year-over-Year (YoY) growth, the most popular technologies included PROTECT, 226% growth; DELIVER, 140% growth; and PLAN with 75% growth.

Last week, NetDocuments reported unprecedented growth, with its largest new Q2 sales in the company's history. In particular, Q2 2021 was a record second quarter for new NetDocuments customer acquisition among Am Law and Global 100 firms in its Strategic Law segment. Locally, NetDocuments APAC recorded 87% growth for Q2 2021 vs. Q2 Q2020.

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NetDocuments CEO, Josh Baxter, commented on the company’s successful launch of the Work Inspired Solutions and its rapid growth. “We have always equipped our customers with the cloud technology and tools they need to be more productive and continually push innovation. Customers are now flocking to our new solutions and starting to put them to use in mobile/remote and hybrid environments.  The innovative solutions we are launching are inspired by the work our customers are trying to deliver to their clients.”

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