UK Legal Tech Consultants Targeting Law Firm Savings

UK Legal Tech Consultants Targeting Law Firm Savings

Technology companies are progressively expanding their capabilities and reach into the legal sector. Earlier this year, Nikec Solutions had extended its service offerings and tapped into the cybersecurity world, to better assist international legal firms. Similarly, iTrain Legal has taken on the initiative to democratise best practice skills for legal industry personnel that handle sensitive documents daily. The LTC4 Certified course 'managing documents and emails' delivered by iTrain Legal is available on Novum Learning. Furthermore, go5plus has optimised operational efficiencies for numerous legal businesses through best-fit technologies, ensuring that they reduce cost, satisfy clients and enhance collaboration. 

Law firm deploys iTrain legal's training chatbot Ali

London headquartered law firm, Bristows LLP, has selected and deployed iTrain Legal’s training chatbot iTrain Ali, from Nikec Solutions, to assist its workforce in using legal software applications.

Having started with iManage Work10, Bristows will also be deploying chatbots to help users answer their ‘How to…’ questions for MS Teams, MS Office and pdfDocs.

iTrain Ali is an MS Teams or browser-based chatbot that provides tips and pointers to “How Do I…?” enquiries about legal applications. Supported by comprehensive user guides and videos, iTrain Ali gives users real time answers 24/7.

Phil Wood, IT Director at Bristows, said “We deployed the new iManage Work10 solution during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we had to deliver our training in a very unusual way.” Phil added: “We work flexibly now: colleagues are not necessarily working in the same office or at the same time. Fee earners may not always have quick, in-person, access to those who can explain how to use our software applications in the same way as before. iTrain Ali is a great way to bridge that gap.”

David Simpson, Director of Client Services at Nikec Solutions commented, “We are thrilled that Bristows is making great use of the chatbot technology, and we see this as an area of technology that will go from strength to strength within law firms”.

Finally, Dorigen Sykes, Managing Director at iTrain Legal said “iTrain Ali was initially designed to aid our already successful training business. The pandemic has changed things slightly and we see chatbots as the answer to how law firms’ users can get quick answers to their questions.”

Reduce risk with go5plus Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 is the world's most recognised and adopted collaboration software across various industries. According to go5plus, one of the biggest concerns are that 89% of the companies are not tracking the application usage. Due to this, there are a number of risks that surface surrounding compliance, team communication and collaboration, application usage and training, IT budget and ROI. 

While there are many questions unanswered, the Smarter SaaS Health Check enables companies to analyse their Microsoft 365 usage and get more control of the licenses. By working towards a goal of 95% Microsoft usage, you will receive a free advice on how to improve your score and the following:

  • Fully automatic reporting and analysis
  • Viewing individual software usage to date
  • Cost savings opportunities
  • Optimization opportunities
  • Training opportunities
  • Reharvesting options
  • Compliance reassurance
  • Free TBSC advice and analysis

Register now and access Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365, for cost-savings on Microsoft licenses and optimisation of your software asset management.

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