DSS Acquires Softlog

Dynamic Software Solutions Acquires Softlog Systems AU

Dynamic Software Solutions - DSS has acquired Softlog Systems Australia.

DSS is the solutions division within the Dynamic Supplies Group, an integrated distribution, software and third-party logistics group of companies. DSS has a short-term vision of integrating its cloud services with Softlog to offer new solutions to its clients, and a longer-term vision of releasing cloud solutions. Short-term additions will include scan to iManage, desktop productivity, off-network printing and guest printing for law firms.

Jim Raeside, Director of Softlog Systems Australia commented that “When Andrew Tsiorvas of DSS first approached me, my concern was for clients and staff. DSS was able to clearly articulate a vision for the product, the clients and the staff leading to further conversations. After satisfying me that Softlog will be in good hands, and the future was clearly defined, we were able to complete the sale quickly.”

Derek Farrell will continue with DSS as a consultant, and all the Softlog support personnel will continue to support clients under DSS.

Derek Lawton

The product and team will be led by legal industry veteran, Derek Lawton, a specialist with cost recovery solutions having worked for Billback, Equitrac, Copitrak and for the last 2 years establishing the DSS Connect cloud platform.

"The future is cloud and work anywhere. Networks have disintegrated with VPN requirements disappearing. Anywhere there is the internet and a laptop people expect to be able to work. We’ve built DSS Connect based on these requirements and we’ll be updating Softlog to extend this vision." stated Lawton.

Asked is this just cost recovery?

"Cost recovery is a core feature which we are adapting for the cloud but our vision is a much wider solution. We’ll be integrating Kofax Power PDF, OCR, document conversion, our document management system connectors and even our reforestation partnership with PrintReleaf will become a part of a broader solution that allows for a smarter and greener workplace." continued Lawton.

What about your existing distribution products? 

"Softlog compliments all the existing tech very well. We’ll be looking to offer Softlog clients capabilities such as OCR, desktop PDF, reforestation capabilities and more. I think everyone will benefit from the acquisition, especially law firms." finished Lawton.

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