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  • hammerjack
    hammerjack Legal Bookkeepers, Recruitment Agents, Secretarial & Litigation Support

    1300 788 451

    hammerjack is the key to unlocking a new world of potential. With a unique service sourcing exceptional people to help your practice flourish. Led by local talent experts backed by a powerful hub of highly educated professionals in the Philippines, it’s a model built to get serious results. Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeping and permanent back office legal staff.

  • Peter Frankl Pty Ltd
    Peter Frankl Pty Ltd Expert Witnesses and Consultants, Legal Bookkeepers, Management & Business Consultants, Practices for Sale | Mergers | Office Space

    +61 (0) 413 871 231

    - Practice broking of legal practices for sale
    - Practice valuations and appraisals for all purposes
    - Succession arrangements for sole practitioners and partnerships
    - Seeking out and negotiating opportunities for the benefit of your firm's business goals such as mergers, acquisitions, marketing alliances, joint ventures, vereins and resource sharing
    - Strategy audits