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Legal Practice Intelligence Directory

  • Ascertus
    Ascertus Software Suppliers, Software Training and Consultants

    +44 (0)203 126 4960

    Since 2000, Ascertus has been helping corporates as well as legal and professional services firms to adopt a best practice and secure approach to document and email management, whilst realising a high return on their investment. Putting customers at the heart of the organisation, alongside a problem-solving attitude to technology implementation, Ascertus has earned a reputation within the iManage community.

  • BigHand
    BigHand Software Suppliers, Software Training and Consultants

    +61 (0)2 9231 8900

    Through technology, insight and experience, we deliver success for the future by helping you achieve professional productivity and operational excellence. We pride ourselves on communication. We’ll take the time to understand the challenges you face and craft a solution suited to your needs, using a combination of task delegation, document creation, digital dictation workflow, intuitive reporting/analytics or matter pricing.

  • Bluebird Support Services
    Bluebird Support Services Secretarial & Litigation Support, Software Training and Consultants

    +44 (0) 780 275 0357

    Bluebird is an outsourced legal secretarial service that provides fast and efficient dictation transcription, document formatting and legal word processing. We are document experts who can create templates and train you to use Microsoft Word efficiently. 

  • Epiq
    Epiq Court Agents, Management & Business Consultants, Software Training and Consultants

    1800 144 188

    Epiq is a worldwide provider of legal services, serving law firms, corporations, financial institutions and government agencies—helping them streamline the administration of business operations, class action and mass tort, court reporting, eDiscovery, regulatory, compliance, restructuring, and bankruptcy matters.

  • go5plus
    go5plus Software Suppliers, Software Training and Consultants

    02 8379 6988

    We increase the operational efficiency of professionals through powerful technologies and services that enhance their document lifecycle and collaboration processes. We uncover the best-fit solutions for our clients to achieve more efficient work processes to reduce costs, increase client satisfaction and improve collaboration.

  • iTrain Legal Limited
    iTrain Legal Limited Software Training and Consultants

    +44 333 939 8203

    iTrain exists to help your organisation make the best use of technology and systems.

    We deliver services through our team of professional services trainers and a suite of digital training products. We partner with LTC4 as well as the most prominent legal software suppliers including Thomson Reuters, Aderant, iManage, NetDocuments and DocsCorp. 


  • Jalubro Consulting Limited
    Jalubro Consulting Limited Management & Business Consultants, Software Training and Consultants

    Jalubro is a leading provider in digital transformation, offering consulting services and technology solutions for legal departments and law firms worldwide. Established in 2015 and headquartered in London, the company is distinguished by its team of experienced lawyers, technologists, data analysts and transformation experts. 
  • LawMaster
    LawMaster Software Suppliers, Software Training and Consultants

    1300 135 214

    For over 30 years, LawMaster has been upgrading our technology to meet the specific and evolving needs of legal professionals. During this time LawMaster has evolved and re-invented itself across technologies and platforms. Today, we build the next-generation technology platform of legal product development, what we call 'LawMaster Io'. LawMaster Io is a true cloud-based SAAS legal practice management solution.

  • LTC4 - Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition
    LTC4 - Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition Software Training and Consultants

    +1 (718) 618 9891

    The global non-profit LTC4 organisation has developed 10 core competency Learning Plans and a Certification program which has become the industry standard and the foundation for law firm technology training that addresses skill gaps, increases productivity, improves profitability, and reduces security risks. The Learning Plans are application-agnostic, workflow-based, and flexible to accommodate a firm’s internal policies.

  • Novum Learning
    Novum Learning Continuing Legal Education, Software Training and Consultants

    Online learning courses empowering professional's career growth.

  • Projectfusion
    Projectfusion Software Suppliers, Software Training and Consultants

    +44 (0) 20 7183 1245